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Case Study: How Bailey Got 4 New Clients on LinkedIn and Booked $26,000 of Freelance Writing Work in Only 2 Weeks Using This 4 Step Approach

by | Nov 21, 2018 | How to Get Clients | 0 comments

Note: I interviewed Bailey about her success to help create this case study. The video is posted below.

If you’re not using LinkedIn to find freelance writing clients, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. There are lots of prospects on LinkedIn who are looking for talented writers. First, let’s take a look at LinkedIn.

According to Business Insider, LinkedIn now has over half a billion users. After being acquired by Microsoft in December 2016 for $26.2 B, it’s showing no signs of slowing down and is continuing to achieve record earnings.

LinkedIn is the premier business networking platform, and anyone that’s a member is looking to make business connections.

I know you’ve heard it before – LinkedIn is a great place to find clients. But, you may be asking yourself – “How do I go about getting them?”

You’ve filled out your tagline, description, and work history. You may have even connected with some people and messaged a few offering your services, but you aren’t getting anywhere – what gives?

Most freelancers who use LinkedIn are using the platform wrong. The demographics of LinkedIn users are very different from other social networks, so it’s important to understand the nuances of the platform.

There’s tons of opportunity, but you have to make the right approach to be successful. If you have a Ferrari but can’t drive stick, it doesn’t matter how nice your car is – It’s useless to you.

But, changing things up just a bit can net you massive results. This case study will show how Bailey, a subscriber, was able to overcome the trouble she was having finding clients for her writing business by using LinkedIn the right way.

Note: Some of the info about Bailey’s past and current clientele will remain vague to protect the privacy and confidentiality of her clients.

Are You Doing a Lot of Work to Get Clients, But Feel Like You Aren’t Getting Anywhere?

I’m actively looking to add value and grow the community by reaching out to people who are talking about freelance writing, and those who are looking for help.

While on Twitter I came across Bailey who has having a tough time getting clients for her writing business. Bailey is a medical writer that writes white papers for healthcare companies.

We started chatting over Twitter, and I asked her some questions about her approach, her niche, and how I could help. She told me that she was emailing prospects from her Gmail account with her resume attached (Entire Twitter and DM convo below).