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How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer on Upwork Without Earnings or Reviews

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Upwork

Starting out on Upwork can be a daunting task. With limited work history, reviews, and experience on the platform, it may seem like it’s all but impossible to make decent money on Upwork but there is hope.

Optimize Your Profile

Every time a halfway decent gig is posted, the opportunity becomes swamped with proposals. Applying to a gig early can always give you a leg up on the competition, but you won’t always be able to get there first. So, you have to stand out in the inbox.

You need to grab the attention of the prospect so that they click on your profile, and your profile should drive them to a call-to-action which would be to contact you. Here are some quick points:

Tagline – Make it benefit/value driven. Don’t talk about what you do. Talk about the value that you provide to your customers.

Profile – Your profile should read like a sales letter and not a resume. What’s your superpower? What transformational value do you provide to your clients?

For a simple framework, follow the classic copywriting formula of AIDA:

Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

Attention – Grab the prospect’s attention with a massive benefit statement. Tell them exactly what you’re about to deliver and get them excited about it.

Interest – Hold their interest with a story, facts, or figures (stories work really well).

Desire – Write in a way that allows them to experience the benefits of working with you by using very specific, and descriptive language.

Action – Tell them exactly what steps to take next so they can contact you.

Collect Great Reviews

A large part of whether or not you get the gig has to do with your rating, reviews, and job completion percentage. There’s no getting around this.

The best thing you can do is complete quick jobs and gather some quick ratings. After 5 or 6 5-star ratings you should be good to go.

Create a Targeted Profile and Raise Your Rates

By now you have a solid profile and several gigs with 5-star reviews under your belt. Now what you want to do is tweak your profile to target a specific niche and customer.

You want to get very specific here because it will help you stand out from the crowd. Freelancers with more specific skills are highly-valued by the right customer. More specificity and expertise equals higher rates.

As you narrow your focus you’ll want to raise your rates accordingly. Repeat the steps above and continue to raise your rates until you increase your earnings to your desired level.

Moving Forward

As long as you follow a simple process of creating a laser-targeted profile, gaining social proof, and slowly raising your rates, you can expect to increase your earnings on Upwork.

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