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How to Get Your Next Freelance Writing Job in 24 Hours

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Freelance Writing Jobs

There are a plenty of different strategies that you can use to get freelance writing clients. Whether or not they work comes down to how well you execute. If you’re looking for a definite way to get freelance writing jobs, that means you’ll need to actively prospect for business.

Instead of waiting for business to come in via inbound marketing and referrals, you’ll have to actively ask for the business. At this point you have two things you need to do:

(1) Find out who needs the skills you have.

(2) Get in front of them with your offer.

Here are five ways that you can get a new freelance writing job in the next 24 hours:


1. Job Boards

What’s great about job boards is that there is an immediate need to fill. Your prospect is in-market and looking for a writer. The bad part is that they are advertising that need publicly and now everyone knows it. If they’ve posted their position on a job board that has significant traffic, you can expect that they have an inbox full of pitches from other freelancers.

To cut through the noise you either have to be first or be better and preferably both. You can use tools like an RSS feed reader or email notifications to be alerted when new gigs pop up on job boards. Also, make sure that your pitch is targeted and value-driven so you stand out in your prospect’s inbox.

2. Freelancer Platforms


Freelancer platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, are filled with tons of gigs. Some are good but most are bad. Many freelancers have issues with competition on freelancer platforms. On many gigs, there is a “race to the bottom” mentality where contractors continuously underbid each other.

You don’t want to get caught up in this game. Make sure that you apply to gigs early, focus your profile on a (profitable) niche, and submit a short, compelling cover letter to get a response.

3. Cold Email


Cold email is a great channel because everyone has an email address. You can’t do much on the internet without an email address which makes it a great marketing medium to master. When you cold email people there are a few things you should remember.

(1) Keep it short – your entire email should fit on a smartphone screen.

(2) Follow up – you may need to follow up with someone several times before you get a response. Sending 3 – 5 follow-ups before you get a response is normal.

(3) Personalization works – make sure that you add some personalization to your email. Templates are good and you don’t need to write an email from scratch, but make sure that make each email partially unique to each sender.

4. Twitter


Using Twitter is a great way to get someone’s attention because starting or entering a Twitter conversation with someone is not out of the ordinary on the platform. People may feel like you are spamming them when you send cold email, but things are way more relaxed on Twitter.

You can use the Twitter search bar to look for people talking about creating content or hiring a writer. You can also follow, engage, and form a relationship with people that could benefit from your service.

5. Facebook


Facebook groups are a gold-mine for finding freelance gigs. There are tons of people in groups asking for help and recommendations on projects. Join groups where your target customer hangs out and provide useful help.

Don’t actively sell in the group. Demonstrate your expertise, build credibility, and show that you are an authority in your niche. Do this by answering questions, being helpful, and sharing helpful content (preferably yours).

Don’t share a link back to your site. Just paste your content into the group so people can consume it on the platform. You’ll build more likes and comments this way which will help position you as an authority.

People will reach out to you via messenger which is great because that’s where the real selling is done.

Your Next Client Is Right Around the Corner


In the beginning, getting freelance writing gigs may seem nearly impossible. You may have tried a few things out in the past and had no luck. I guarantee that you can get clients using the five strategies above if you execute them properly.

You have to continuously iron out your lead generation and sales process until you have a repeatable system that you can follow to get clients. Keep pushing forward. Your next client is closer than you think!

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