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What is and why should I care?

Imagine waking up in the morning and grabbing your phone off your nightstand. You check your email and there it is – notifications of paid invoices and prospects requesting to discuss paying you for your services fill your inbox.

You crack a sly grin as you think back to when you first got your start in freelance writing. Feeling like you are drowning because you don’t know where to start.

Competing with freelancers who would work for pennies. Getting paid next to nothing to write dozens of articles for content mills. Having to deal with clients who pay late or don’t pay at all. Riding the emotional rollercoaster of being overloaded with work one minute, and scraping the bottom of the barrel the next.

Just thinking about it almost makes you cringe.

Some freelancers are barely getting by while others are overbooked – What makes the difference?

The dirty little secret that no one wants to tell you about freelance writing and that may be difficult for you to read.

Your ability to get clients doesn’t depend on how good you are at writing. It depends on how good you are at selling yourself.

Sure, your product needs to be good. But, if you aren’t able to persuade prospects into hiring you, it doesn’t matter how good you are because you won’t get paid for your work.

As a freelance writer myself, I started because I want to give freelancers the opportunity to learn a step-by-step framework for getting consistent, high-paying clients as well as providing a solid resource for finding and obtaining writing jobs.

Who are you and why are you doing this?

In 2012, after having to drop out of law school for financial reasons, I was researching how to make money online and got pretty skeptical about if anything out there was legit. After wading through a ton of junk I came across a website called Odesk (now known as Upwork) and found out that people would pay you to do different tasks online – like an eBay for services.

This blew my mind at the time so I decided to sign up and give it a go. Well, I got scammed on my first writing job (an SEO article for Epson printers, haha). There was no escrow for fixed-price services back then so I was out of luck.

I was frustrated. But, before forgetting about the platform completely I decided to do more research and figure out how to do this. I figured that if there were other people out there doing this that I could learn to do it too. After asking questions on forums, emailing different people, and doing my own testing I started to get more gigs on Odesk.

Then I started to learn how to create a WordPress website, how to write a cold email, copywriting, and other marketing fundamentals during that year. I ended up moving to Chicago and working full-time in sales in the fall of 2012 but I continued to freelance on the side and have used it to create a side-income for myself since then.

If there’s one thing I know it’s that freelancing can provide you with:

  • A side-income to help you pay your bills
  • The flexibility to work when you want and wherever you want
  • Respect from others and more importantly for yourself
  • More free time to spend with your friends and family

I’m very passionate about freelancing because it pulled me out of some tough times and I believe that anyone can earn a side income using the skills they already have by combining the leverage of the internet with sales and marketing fundamentals.

I’ve always been good at writing but I’m a salesperson at heart. I want to combine these two topics that I know well to help writers who have been struggling because they just don’t know how to sell/market themselves properly.

How this community will help you.

Here is exactly how the community will help you:

  1. Show you that there is a step-by-step system for success.
  2. Help you get from point A to Point B as fast as possible.
  3. Provides “no-fluff”, informative content and training for the part-timer/side hustler or busy person who doesn’t have time or energy to waste.
  4. Offers you a supportive community so you can gain confidence in what you’re doing by working with others who are all pulling in the same direction.

What you should do next.

There are three main parts of the community:

Job Board – The job board is delivered within a free, weekly email of the best remote writing jobs from around the web.

You can sign up here:

Training – As of now, the training consists of content that’s posted on the blog but will features books, reports, courses, etc. as the site grows.

You can check out the blog here:

Facebook Group – The Facebook group provides a resource where community members can collaborate and help each other reach their freelance writing goals.

You can join here:

I hope you get a lot of value out of this community. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have a question or concern. My email address is

To your success,

Morgan Williams

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